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AI ONLINE made a Live Video Escape room in collaboration with Sky High escape room. During the corona crisis, Sky High escape room had to close its doors, and they contacted a new partner to offer online escape experiences. So AI Online got to work and now has 2 online experiences ready and is working hard to make even more.

1. Chance of Live
2. Casino Mortale Online (avatar) (live video escape room)

Instead of letting our guests come to us, we tell our story to the guests.

Chance of Life is a completely online game, it can be played at any time. You can also play this game with a group of friends, via zoom or another video chat platform.

live video escape room - Chance to live

Chance to Live (online escape experience)

You will have the opportunity to solve a mystery from the past. It is 2020 when the buried time capsule from 2000 is solemnly excavated and opened. What should have been a grand opening turned into a worldwide mystery when strange files called SARS-CoV-2 are discovered among the capsule’s contents. How did they get there and what’s in those files? Can you find out what happened?

The online escape experience is not only very entertaining but also educational. Find the clues and solve the puzzles for only $ 24.95 per game.

After ordering and paying you will receive an email with the link to the game and your personal access code, as soon as this is entered on the site the game starts. Then you have 180 minutes to solve the mystery.

This game can be played in Dutch and English.

Cost: €24.95 

Live video escape room Casino Mortale Online

Casino Mortale (live video escape room)

Casino Mortale is no ordinary Live Video escape room, but an exciting cinematic experience. Besides solving puzzles, you and your team are immersed in an interactive detective and a crime thriller, a story that begins when you book the room and where all of you play a role of your own.” — read more

You are being dragged into a dangerous live video game full of intrigue, love, crime and death. The stakes are high, but the potential reward higher; provided you get rid of the competition.

We use to communicate. We advice to use a desktop or laptop for the zoom communication and you need a phone or Ipad for additionele tasks. We send out extra e-mails, that are part of the experience, we ask that you share those e-mails with your team.

This game is only in English.

Cost: € 99,-